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Ohio Piecework

"Efficiency in Every Piece"


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Ohio Piecework specializes in small assemblies, sorting mixed parts and packaging. We cater to a wide range of clients, from homemade goods sold on Etsy to global manufacturers running behind on large orders. Our services also include local pickup/drop-off for smaller loads within 20 miles of Brunswick, Ohio.

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Our Services

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Free Estimates

Free estimates based on quantity and complexity.

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Assembly and Sorting

Assembly, sorting and packaging services for small parts and products.

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Pickup / Dropoff

Local Pickup and Drop-off within 20 miles of Brunswick, Ohio

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At Ohio Piecework, our mission is to deliver exceptional assembly and sorting solutions that optimize efficiency and quality for our valued customers. We are dedicated to providing reliable, precise, and timely services, enabling our clients to streamline their operations and achieve their production goals.

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